A New Wave of the Future

You are scheduled for an early morning conference, and you hear the email notification sound as you are just hopping out of bed. Because of the technological advancements, we are always connected to work, whether we like it or not. The difference is that when it comes to being a telecommuter, that same craziness can be a blessing in disguise.

The big push towards more people working from home would have never been possible if it weren’t for the advances in the technological world. Prior to the explosion of the Web, people who telecommuted had to rely on landlines for communication, delivery services and fax machines if they needed to share information.

There is no question that the Internet has made telecommunications even more practical than ever before. Personal computers are a staple of life now. Most companies permit employees whose majority of duties revolve around computer use to telecommute. The most basic form of technology used for telecommunication are computers; desktops or laptops.

Keep in mind a computer alone is of little use to a telecommuter. It is solely used as a means for communication with other computers. This can be done effectively via email and other Internet software programs. Often times, companies choose to directly connect an individual’s home computer directly into their network over a secure server. With all of this in place, people are able to perform their designated duties as if they are in the office and are also able to tend to things on the home front. One might think that with the younger generation being so technologically savvy, they would rank highest in the level of telecommuters, but surprisingly, the average age is between 30-45 years old. These are people who have established themselves at their place of employment.

Shaygan Kheradpir is no stranger to technology. With a team of 7,000, he was a major player in the evolution and subsequent deployment of Verizon’s FiOS. Additionally, he is accredited in the development of Pingit, which is software for mobile payments during his tenure at Barclays.

The question we need to contemplate is whether our homes will become the new offices of the future. With such high demand for success in the business world without negatively impacting the quality of family life, it appears that telecommuting might is the best route. Although some major players in the corporate world think differently, it seems the benefits are far outweighing any negatives.

Best For The Best!

As dog owners, we want the best for our dogs! They’re our partner, our best friend, warmth on a cold winter night and the best snuggles around for miles! Nothing is better than our dogs! So, we follow the loving advice of the veterinarian and get our dogs the best of everything. Snacks, treats, food, collars, leashes, training pads, crates, and even beds! Half the time we care better for our animal friends than we do ourselves! We even workout with them, bringing them on runs, bike rides, walks or throwing sticks for them to catch (and possible chew on).

So, with our fluffy, floppy, wet nosed friends, what type of food should we give them? We know they love human food, but our food is barely decent enough for us to eat, let alone feed our best friend! Dogs gravitate towards specific smells like lamb, chicken, and beef so why not give them that?

Real dog food, like Beneful on wikipedia, has real meats in it! And, dogs will never tire of it because it has variety! You wouldn’t want to eat a salad everyday, twice a day for your entire life would you? Why make your dog? With 8 different dry dog foods available, my dog sure won’t! Delightful! Oh, but your poor dog can’t handle dry food? Not to worry! They have even more of a selection of moist, wet, meaty goodness! With twenty distinct flavors, your pup will never be bored again! What an exciting life!! Bonus: This is sold in almost every pet store known to man! Petco, Walmart, Target, Petsmart, the list goes on!

We can’t forget those yummy treats either! Because all good dogs have treats, especially when we train them to follow our commands! Of course we want to provide them with the tastiest, crunchiest, meat infused treat we can find! I love ones that combine two things in one. I can teach my dog to “shake” and reward him. And my little secret is that his reward not only pleases him, but it satisfies me too because it also cleans his teeth! How cool is that? I love the ones Purina Beneful sell. Perfect for doing double duty while keeping the dog in the dark!

Lime Crime is Making Makeup Fun Again

Finding the next greatest thing in cosmetics is by far my biggest weaknesses. With so many subtle differences in color shades and textures, it’s easy to end up with a dozen variations for each hue — and I was the person who fell victim to buying far more than I’d ever need or use. My attempt to curb my consumption of cosmetics involves opting for the best quality and keeping a balance between my basic necessities and some unique and versatile pieces. Lately I’ve been limiting my amount of basic and neutral colors and using the extra space for more bright and expressive ones.

Instead of collecting a bunch of separate single-colored eyeshadows, I now prefer buying a good quality pallet that will hold all my basic colors. A pallet allows me to keep them all in place and makes blending easy and the colors typically go well together. I like to save the single eyeshadow for fun colors and glitter. When it comes to eyeliners and lipliners I prefer buying dual-ended sticks that hold two colors in one. I am still finding ways of controlling my lipstick and nailpolish collection, but making sure I select the right color from Lime Crime for my skin-tone has helped me from letting some go to waste.

If you’re like me and looking to shake up your makeup routine and want something more fun and bold, then I highly recommend Lime Crime for their collection of highly pigmented and statement-making products. It was their amazing nailpolish and lipsticks that first grabbed my attention, but I have since been able to try (and love) many of their other products. I particularly love their versatile zodiac glitters, which can be used on the eyes, nails, or even lips. Their products are fantastic if you want to be more artistic and creative with your makeup instead of just covering up blemishes.

I love that Lime Crime’s founder Doe Deere started her business on her own with only a few hundred bucks. I’m always looking to support people who are passionate about their products and are growing their businesses. I feel more like I’m supporting the “American Dream” buying from a smaller business instead of a big-box one. If you’re in a slump over your makeup routine I highly recommend checking out their “lookbook” and “fanlove” page, there are a ton of amazing photos of people doing amazing things with their makeup, and you’ll definitely be inspired.

Bruce Levenson’s Personal Drive and Motivation

There are individuals who are born leaders and know just what is needed to start a business that is successful. Its leaders know exactly what is needed to motivate their entire team so they smoothly accomplish their objectives. Bruce Levenson holds these qualities which helped him with the success of the United Communications Group which he co-founded in 1977 with Ed Peskowitz.

United Communications Group (UCG) is comprised of a collection of businesses whose focus is on business information that assists thousands of employees and clients worldwide. Levenson helped to bring on a group of individuals to transform this into one incredible and profitable company, while achieving excitement about its products and delivering this value to its customers it. Partnering with Ed Peskowitz, they merged UCG’s plans and the business acquisition forces and to this day, it is among the biggest business information companies globally that is privately held. Working side by side, they convinced clients (now more than two million) of how they could utilize their products stemming from various areas of business such as energy, financial services, healthcare, technology and other business sectors.

Before taking on plans to build UCG, Levenson had used his creativity to produce various articles for the Washington Star which was a daily afternoon newspaper published in the Washington, D.C. area, while also writing for the Observer Publishing (based in Washington, Pennsylvania). Since the beginning of 2015 he has been serving as a Director for TechTarget.com which has several offices throughout the world including Singapore, Paris and San Francisco. This company provides professionals and executives with technology information that is vital to meet the demands of their jobs which can range from creating various business plans, overseeing and initiating new technology projects and contemplating which purchases are the most cost-effective for the business.

The Washington D.C. I Have a Dream Foundation has also benefitted from Bruce Levenson when he became this organizations President. Given his background, Levenson created strong ties between families and its volunteers who each have a role in enrichment, planning fun activities, outings and events such as the DC Summer Youth Employment project, in addition to offering tutoring in various educational subjects. Levenson acquired a Bachelor of Arts degree from the prestigious Washington University and also attended American University, earning a law degree.

When you realize what someone such as Bruce Levenson has managed to achieve, one understands the importance of having a passion for work and understanding that it can take long hard hours in order to realistically create the dream of building a business. He makes it a habit to praise individuals, yet remain firm which is truly needed to motivate individuals who work together towards one goal.

Joseph Bismark Shares His Knowledge and Beliefs with the World


When someone knows what works and what doesn’t work in regard to living life, I believe that that individual should share their knowledge with the rest of the world. I was happy as I was reading on the WordPress blog called Newsom Thing Was Going On, when I read about how Joseph Bismark has written numerous works and shared them with the rest of the world. Joseph Bismark is someone who knows a lot, and I believe that it is a good thing that he has decided to share all that he knows with the rest of us, so that we all can learn from him and become better individuals.

Joseph Bismark believes in the power of spirituality, and he shares the beliefs that he holds dear in the pieces that he has written. I respect this man for sharing his beliefs and his knowledge with the rest of the world. Those who truly care about others are willing to share all that they know and believe, and Joseph Bismark has done just that through the writing that he has accomplished. This man is not afraid to open up to the rest of the world, and I respect him for opening up in order to help all of us become better people.

Sergio Cortes and Michael Jackson Impersonators

Michael Jackson’s celebrity and unique entertainment achievements have captured the imaginations of many fans, some of whom have impersonated him to one degree or another. They may have practiced his dance moves and rehearsed his songs to perfection, or they may have turned into a look-alike impersonator with the face, hair, and body language to match.

In large part, video technology has made it even easier for anyone to be like Michael Jackson in every way. From the videos available online, fans of Michael Jackson can learn his unique dance moves, including the anti-gravity lean, the toe stand, the crotch grab and the popular moonwalk. Many diehard fans work for years to perfect these moves and then parley their new skills into an entertainment career.

Businesses have capitalized on the late entertainer’s fame by hiring out impersonators to add intrigue and excitement to any corporate or birthday party, tradeshow or private gathering. The impersonators may come solo or accompanied by a group of backup dancers.

They can be ordered as a full package that provides singing, dancing, and the impersonator will bear a good resemblance to the famous pop star. Impersonators who cannot sing can be hired to teach clients Jackson’s characteristic moves such as the Thriller dance. Impersonators can be hired out for meet and greets social gatherings and for photographic opportunities.

These businesses allow clients to select their impersonator from photo galleries, by listening to audios, by watching videos, and by reading the reviews of prior clients. In this way, they will book the right entertainment for their special event.

One notable Jackson impersonator is Sergio Cortes who has built a living for himself by impersonating the moves, songs and personality of the late Michael Jackson. Sergio Cortes was born in 1971 in Barcelona, Spain and he is often considered to be among the best Michael Jackson impersonators. As a child, Sergio was drawn to the performance of the youngest member of The Jackson Five group and never missed an opportunity to watch their TV presentations.

It was during the BAD era that Sergio, then a teenager, began to model himself after the younger Jackson brother. This caught the attention of a local reporter who requested that Sergio pose for a photograph as a Michael Jackson impersonator. The published photographs quickly went viral and Sergio received offers for employment from many entertainment organizations.

Today the Destiny Projects entertainment company manages Sergio’s career. He performs at concerts dancing and singing in the style of Michael Jackson and he is enjoying a successful career in the entertainment industry.

Sergio Cortes: The World’s Best Michael Jackson Impersonator

There will never again be a musician as captivating and talented as Michael Jackson. The ‘King of Pop,’ as he was affectionately called, was such a musical genius that Michael Jackson impersonators have been popping up all over the globe for decades. While there will never be another ‘King of Pop,’ some of these impersonators are fantastic in their own right. One such talented Michael Jackson impersonators is Sergio Cortes.

Sergio Cortes is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best Michael Jackson impersonators on Earth. Cortes, a 44-year-old Spanish native, has been perfecting the art of impersonating Jackson ever since he was just a child. Cortes can remember being a young boy and being fascinated by Michael’s performance when he was a member of Jackson 5 and danced and sang on television broadcasts. While Cortes’ enthrallment with the pop star began as a just a fan of his music and dancing style, he quickly learned that he resembled the star and could use that to develop a career in entertainment.

As a teenager, reporters began to approach Cortes to take his photograph, which were then sold as though they were actual photographs of Michael Jackson. The photos taken were so convincing that Cortes was able to begin paid work as a Michael Jackson impersonator. Throughout the years, Cortes has continued to develop his image as the ultimate impersonator. He now resembles the late star so closely that photographs of the two are virtually indistinguishable from one another. His look as a Michael Jackson impersonator blows all others out of the water.

Not only has Cortes perfected copying Jackson’s look, he has also been successful in singing and dancing like the pop star. A simple search on YouTube reveals hundreds of videos of Cortes performing as Michael Jackson. Facebook pages devoted to Cortes are also chalk full of videos of his amazing impersonation performances. Even skeptics will be surprised by how similar in dancing/singing Cortes is to Jackson.

Sergio Cortes has become so successful that he has been invited to appear on numerous television shows. He has performed on the popular television series American Idol in numerous countries. He has also been invited to be interviewed on various shows. The world is truly fascinated with how closely he resembles the late pop star. From his voice to his look to his singing and dancing, Cortes truly impresses everyone when he appears on these shows.

Michael Jackson did unfortunately pass away in 2009, which left Cortes very distraught over the loss of his idol. However, now that the world has Sergio Cortes, Michael Jackson can live on through him.

The Crazy Story of Andy Wirth


Andy Wirth is lucky to be alive. A horrific skydiving accident left him fighting for his life in 2013. The conditions on the day of that fateful jump were less than ideal, leaving him no choice but to land in a vineyard. He rapidly knew he was in serious trouble. “My arm was spurting out blood like in that Monty Python sketch,” said Wirth. With his backcountry ranger trauma experience he managed to stifle the flow of blood until the rescue team arrived. After three months of emotion wrought healing, Andy Wirth did what others would call impossible; he participated in the 2014 Ironman competition, raising funds for our honored veterans that have lost limbs in service to our country. Wirth emotionally stated. “This is for those guys, and what they’ve done that nobody knows about.”

July 9th of 2015 Wirth was appointed as chairman of the Reno Airport Board. With his extensive experience in international resort management and his tenacious will he has proven to be a valuable asset. “I am honored to represent the RSCVA and to serve as Chairman of an entity that is vital to our regional economy.” Wirth said. “Enhancing air service is vital to the ski industry, gaming and business community, and I am looking forward to working with a great staff and board to attract more flights to our region.” Along with his natural leadership, he has proven his willingness to roll up his sleeves and sweat with his employees when he volunteered for the fourth season of Undercover Boss on CBS. He is truly a man of many talents.

FreedomPop Raises $30 Million Rather Than Not Selling

FreedomPop has raised $30 Million dollars this week as opposed to selling itself. Instead, FreedomPop has made the decision to go about its business alone. FreedomPop has an strategic investor that the company will announce later on. Investors FreedomPop has announced are DCM Capital and Mangrove Capital, and the funding led by European Venture Capital Partech Ventures.
FreedomPop was debating whether to sell or get an investment before expanding all the way to Europe. The CEO of FreedomPop Stephen Stokols said that despite the multiple offers the company decided it was a little to early to sell itself. FreedomPop makes their extra money off of other services and over use of the plans certain limit of call, text, and data that comes free with the plan. FreedomPop is one of the few mobile carriers that offers this type of plan.

This bold move not to sell was decided based on the fact that FreedomPop will likely be worth over 3 times as much next year once the business has expanded. FreedomPop as of now is only available online. Around the month of October FreedomPop plans to have their products in the shelves of stores, and FreedomPop plans to do this by partnering with Stokols. Yet, SZtokols has not yet agreed to the partnership. Stokols wants to see how FreedomPop does before agreeing to the partnership, and wants to see FreedomPop’s customer service improve.

The Brave New World of Product Recognition Technology

You want it, and you want it NOW. But how the heck do you find it? The problem of shopping but not being able to find that sassy, snazzy, utterly eye-catching little item you really want is being solved by the new revolution in production recognition. And yes, product recognition is all part of the brave new world of computer image recognition.

Image recognition, which now works through the wide variety of smart phones that seemingly everyone walking the planet has access to, is quickly replacing word searches as a way to find products quickly and accurately. It’s transforming the frustrating and time consuming process of searching for that special, sometimes indescribable product into something that is fun, quick, and easy. Image recognition also delivers the goods, as it really does find the product choices the shopper to searching for, with great accuracy.


Image technology has become highly refined in recent years since it was first developed by companies that worked with specific search algorithms for scientific uses. eBay threw down the gauntlet to companies like Sweden’s OculusAI when it wanted consumers to have a way to find products on its site. The technology quickly developed from a way to search out and delete porn from consumer product searches into a way to find all kinds of consumer products.

It’s Simplicity Itself

Today’s image recognition technology works so efficiently it all seems like simplicity itself. Companies like Slyce are now at the forefront of image recognition technology, with an app that allows consumers to simply snap a product they are interested in, in a store or in an image, and the smoothly efficient Slyce technology conducts a quick search to allow the consumer to find the product almost instantly. Voila! The product information and where to order it is delivered, and image recognition achieves consumer happiness.

The success of Slyce has lead to its recognition in the consumer products industry, which is not a surprise at all. Neiman Marcus department stores now have an agreement with Slyce, which enables search customers to readily connect with products sold at the stores. This type of seller-consumer connection is redefining the shopping experience in a way that scarcely would have been imaginable a few years ago, and the revolution has just begun. If they want it, they can snap it, and the product is theirs.