Macy’s Fires Donal Trump Too

The list of businesses that are dissociating themselves with Trump is growing. In the latest move, Macy’s department stores have decided that they will no longer carry the Trump line of clothing and ties in any of their stores. WhenMacy’s fired Trump, Donald was quick to go on the offensive and say that he in fact ended the relationship with them. This sounds familiar to what was said after NBC cancelled three Trump shows earlier in the week.

According to Brian Torchin, the department store took offense to comments Donald Trump made about Mexican immigrants being killers and rapists. The spokesperson for Macy’s said that they are severing ties with all Donald Trump products because they do not feel that Macy’s shares those same opinions. Trump was quick to respond to the department store, saying he was already in talks with them about pulling his products from the chain because he is unhappy that they are manufacturing the ties in China and not here in the United States.

Some question Trump that if he was unhappy with the production of his merchandise, why did he wait until now to break off the relationship. Regardless, Macy’s is just another in a long list of companies that do not want to be associated with the presidential candidate as his campaign kicks into high gear. Trump appears to be getting positive reaction however, as his ratings went from 4% to 12% in the presidential race.

“Jurassic World” Breaking Records

The film “Jurassic World” has been breaking box office records since it was released three weeks ago. During its third weekend in theaters it made over $54 million. The film’s earnings were among the highest ever in box office sales when it opened the first weekend. “Jurassic World” is still on a roll, earning even more by its third weekend out in theaters. So far it has grossed about $500 million in domestic sales. Internationally, the film has grossed $737 million so far.While at the top of the highest grossing movies ever, it is not the highest. Movie lovers like Alexei Beltyukov agree that it joins the ranks behind films such as “Titanic”, “The Dark Knight”, “Avatar”, and “The Avengers”.

The latest installment in the “Jurassic Park” series stars new Hollywood hunk Chris Pratt and is directed by Colin Trevorrow. By all accounts, the film is a fun watch. Many people have gone to see it multiple times in the theater, helping drive up the ticket sales.
“Jurassic World” beat out “Ted 2″, “Inside Out”, and “Spy” which all opened this past weekend. “Ted 2″, which stars Mark Wahlberg, Amanda Seyfried, and Seth MacFarlane, grossed about 40% lower than was anticipated.

For the weekend numbers, check out the story on The Daily Mail.

The Retail Industry and Visual Search

Have you ever been in a situation where you saw something and wanted it? Of course you have and this statement is truer for fashion than anything else. The Spice Girls started the trend of flat platforms (or ‘flatforms” as they are now called) back in 90s and 25 years later, that trend is still going strong. Back in those days, there weren’t smartphones and you couldn’t click a picture of Britney Spears’ flatforms so that you could get one for yourself. But now, you can. And it is all thanks to a technology called ‘Visual Search’.

Fashion Is Synonymous With Trends – A simple one-off garment goes from an outfit to a statement to a trend in a matter of minutes in this visually driven age. It is not just with celebrities but even street fashion inspires mainstream designers to dedicate entire collections to something as simple as a color. Of course, the media, Hollywood and stars have a lot of influence on what people wear but that is not all. One second your cerulean tank top is just another item in the wardrobe and the next second, Scarlett Johansson is seen wearing something similar, and boom! Off goes the trend. This is why Visual Search is going to change the future of retail – it is going to make trendsetting much easier.

Visual Search Leads to Quick Popularity – People not only emulate their idols in terms of likes and dislikes but they also want to wear what their favorite stars are wearing. Some stars wear clothes like the rest of the world, and yet, they manage to set trends because fans want the exact T-shirt or capri pant that they saw in a particular event on their idol. Visual search is going to have a huge influence on retail because it is going to make or break brands overnight. The best example is the “dressgate” incident. After the blue or gold debate was settled, the designer got orders for hundreds of the same dress.

Small Brands Can Now Compete With Big Names – The thing with fashion is that brand name pays a lot in the short and long run. There are some brands that are so trusted that for some people, it’s the name that counts and not the style of clothing. This is nothing new because brand names are used for making a statement. However, small and independent designers get the raw end of the deal in this case because it takes them years to make a name for themselves. With visual search, however, fame would come overnight.

Slyce is one such company that is a pioneer in visual search and has understood the true potential that this technology would have over the world in the future. The Slyce app is also a neat tool for using visual search to explore the retail world like you’ve never done it before. In a way, companies like Slyce and technologies like Visual Search are making the world a fast shrinking place.

‘Meg’ Ready to Roll with Director Eli Roth

The movie business has a way of harnessing what is popular and churning out productions to capitalize on those trends. With “Jurassic World” earning a serious amount of cash at the box office, audiences can likely expect a few more dinosaur or extinct animal movies to start trickling into theaters. The appeal of massive monsters causing havoc on human populations dates back to Godzilla and even King-Kong. However, one studio has decided to aim a bit lower in territory unfamiliar to human eyes.

According to Screen Rant, Warner Bros. is putting a lot of effort behind a prehistoric shark movie and has tapped Eli Roth to direct “Meg.” Literary fans likely remember the book from author Steve Alten that deal with extremely large sharks. Similar to the massive underwater beast seen on screen in “Jurassic World,” the sharks will likely get some serious screen time. While the studio did not cite the success of the dinosaur romp as the key force to get “Meg” rolling, it probably did not hurt the momentum of the film either.

Shark movies have a somewhat uneven history at the box office, but tying in the prehistoric and rare storyline could push this project over the top. Until more news breaks about cast and story the film is going to be a hot topic in Hollywood according to what Handy employees have been reading. The mammoth monster genre is apparently back again, and audiences might be impressed with this series of films.

Kristen Stewart Reportedly in Same-Sex Relationship

To be or not to be… in a same-sex relationship, that is the question. A question that members of the media across the globe are asking amid rumors that Twilight actress Kristen Stewart is dating galpal, Alica Cargile.

According to the Mirror, Jules Stewart spoke to the press and allegedly ousted her daughter as being in a same-sex relationship. The story claimed that the actress has been canoodling with Cargile, her personal assistant.

Reporter Sharon Feinstein reported that Jules Stewart was “happy for Kristen and accepting of her girlfriend.”

Jules has since denied that she claimed her daughter was in such a relationship.

“We never once discussed Kristen,” Jules stated. “The reporter was there to talk about my movie and because it was placed under a LGBT banner, she started asking me about gay rights.”

Feinstein, however, was not having it.

“I understand Jules is claiming that we did not discuss her daughter and her daughter’s relationship,” Feinstein said. “What happened is quite the opposite and I am saddened that a parent would make such open, loving statements and then deny them.”

Stewart has previously been linked romantically to fellow Twilight alum Robert Pattinson. Jaime Garcia Dias thought that relationship was a bit too perfect. Her relationship with Pattinson went south when she was caught on camera having an affair with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders.

Sanders was married at the time of the affair and has since divorced.

Norman Reedus And Emily Kinney Say They Are Not A Couple

Norman Reedus and Emily Kinney were both in “The Walking Dead” show. The show is absolutely incredible for those who don’t mind the gore and some of the gut wrenching scenes that are shown on TV. The show has become a phenomenon, and it’s one of the most popular shows out there today. Darrell & Beth From “The Walking Dead”. The Walking Dead is returning for season six this fall, and it’s a tough wait for those who are anxious to see what will happen to the group in the show. One storyline that started to take place, but it never saw its conclusion, is the storyline between Darrell and Beth.

Darrell, Norman Reedus, and Beth, Emily Kinney, they both got separated from their group after the governor stormed the prison. They were alone together for a while, and it seemed as if a romance had been brewing between the two of them. Beth suddenly was picked up by a car that had a cross on the back of it, and that ended the saga between Darrell and Beth, but Darrell continued looking for her. Although Darrell found Beth, her character was canceled from the show, and they never realized a love connection.

Many fans of the show, including Sam Tabar, are speculating that the two were a couple in real life, but Norman Reedus quickly disputed this information. Although they would have made a cute couple, Darrell is still on the show while Beth has moved back to her home away from Atlanta where the show is filmed.

Man Accidentally Wins World Series of Poker Tournament

The World Series of Poker in Las Vegas features 68 different games. This year the festivities commenced on May 27. Christian Pham of St. Paul, Minnesota recently won one of the tournaments coveted gold bracelets offered to the winner of each event. He did this by accidentally entering and winning a game he’d never even played before: Deuce-to-Seven Draw Lowball. Unlike many other types of poker games, the object of this particular game is to achieve the lowest scoring hand.

Pham had intended to sign up for the no-limit Texas Hold’em competition, a game that deals out two cards to each player. Pham knew something was wrong when each player was dealt five cards. For the rest of the game the professional Texas Hold’Em player observed and gained advice from the other players. FreedomPop reports that little did they know that this newbie would end up as the champion of their whole tournament according to Wikipedia. At the end of the first game he accidentally ended up with the very best hand you can have in the game: A two, three, four, five, and seven. On the day after the tournament, Pham was declared the winner on

Pham’s journey began 15 years ago when he moved from Vietnam to Minnesota. He made a living by delivering papers. Then in 2008 he played in a poker tournament, taking second place. He did not take it seriously and didn’t play again until 2012. At that time he played in a Las Vegas tournament that won him his first gold ring and $214, 332. After that he decided to go pro. In this accidental win he got the gold bracelet and a whopping $81,314. As the winner, he was allowed to choose the national anthem he wanted played at his presentation. The Vietnamese immigrant chose the anthem of the land of his birth. For further details of this amazing event read hear.

Brody Jenner Takes Shot At Tyga

Brody Jenner is Caitlyn Jenner’s son, and he’s known for appearing on the ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ reality show. According to Eric Pulier, Brody Jenner is not that well known, but his recent Instagram post has caused media headlines. For those of you that missed it, Brody uploaded an image of a controversial drawing. Instagram users are completely shocked when they saw Brody’s latest post.

Brody Jenner decided to upload a drawing of a tiger pinning down a young woman. It just so happens the human female resembled Kylie Jenner, and the world believes that Brody was taking a shot at Kylie’s boyfriend Tyga. The entire situation is ridiculous, but TMZ recently posted an article about this story.

After Brody Jenner received an incredible amount of feedback, Brody decided to remove the image from his Instagram post. Brody Jenner claims that the image was not a shot at Tyga, but people don’t believe that. However, Brody does own a t-shirt company with one of his friends, and apparently, Brody’s friend decided to make the strange cartoon. Regardless of what people say, it seems very obvious that Brody Jenner is not okay with Kylie Jenner’s current boyfriend. Kardashain fans are very excited to see what happens on future episodes of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians.’

Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy Fashion

Kim Kardashian has had a very difficult time getting pregnancy number two underway, after North was born Kim and Kanye couldn’t wait to get busy on their next baby. Unfortunately Kim was not able to conceive her current baby naturally due to complications from her last delivery, we learned that North was a miracle child because doctors initially told her that having a child was not in her future. After months of trying Kim and Kanye are waiting for their next baby to arrive, and at 4 months pregnant Kim is still strutting her stuff.

During her first pregnancy Kim was popping up in every blog and news site for her less than fashion forward ensembles. From her red carpet gowns to her everyday shoes, Kim received the harshest criticism during her time carrying baby North. Fans like Christian Broda ( know that this time around Kim refuses to go out like that, she is already treating her fans to some sexy maternity style. As with many celebrity moms Kim has refused to give up her high heels, and she is even flaunting her full cleavage in skintight dresses and low cut necklines.

It looks like Kim learned her lesson the last time and plans on making this pregnancy her best yet. We anticipate a very stylish and sexy Kardashian pregnancy this go round and it isn’t a moment too soon.

The Antique Wine Company Continues to Emerge Victorious

There are not a lot of names that stand out in the world of rare wines and spirits. When it comes to wines for a luxury lifestyle and a refined audience there really is only one name that matters: The Antique Wine Company. This has definitely become the company to beat when it comes to wine sales and storage. CEO Stephen Williams has perfected the brand name and pushed the brand to audiences around the globe.

What the Antique Wine Company has managed to do is emerge victorious as the company that stores all of the vintage wines. The London-based company has been in business for almost 30 years, and there are no signs of slowing down. Williams knows that he has a customer base of people that enjoy wine. They may have lavish lifestyles and they want a little bit of fine wine to go along with this. That is why the AWC has become the wine company that has emerged victorious while other companies have fallen to the wayside.

The is an organization that sells about 70% Bordeaux wines. The other 30% of the collection is Burgundy wine. There are also some white wines thrown into the mix for variety. All of these different types of wines have truly marked the growth of this organization. The Antique Wine Company has become a major player that sells wines to hotels and lots of different private organizations. There are so many global customers around the world that continue to drive the brand that Williams has established with the Antique Wine Company.

What Williams has managed to do is build a clientele and actually keep this clientele happy. That is what has become the primary key to his success. Lots of companies are able to acquire customers. It takes a special type of brand to keep customers. The Antique Wine Company has become the organization that has managed to do both. The company has remained relatively small in relation to the 100,000 customers that are in place. It is the amazing leadership of Stephen Williams that has provided the blueprint for service with quality. The small London based group of employees for the Antique Wine Company are experts in what they do. They know provide consultation for people that need wine cellars. They know how to recommend wines. Customers trust the brand and believe in the AWC mission.